Missile Launcher

The missile launcher is a complex machine created out of three different components.

  1. The Launcher Platform
  2. The Launcher Control Panel
  3. The Launcher Support Frame

Each component has three tiers and (of course) the higher the tier the better that component will perform. The missile launcher has to have at least a launcher platform and a launcher screen in order to function. The launcher screen has to be back facing the launcher platform in order for them to connect, and the launcher support frame has to be adjacent to the launcher platform in order to have an effect on the missile launcher.

Tier One

This is the most basic launcher setup. The T1 Missile launcher has the most limited set of options, only letting you set coordinates for the missile to hit, nothing else. It has an inaccuracy of 30 blocks without a support frame. That inaccuracy drops to 15 blocks with a support frame. This launcher has a max range of 1000 blocks. Compatible with the Radar Gun.


Tier 1 Missile Launcher

Bronze Ingot   Bronze Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png 32x32px
Bronze Ingot Basic Circuit Bronze Ingot
Bronze Ingot Bronze Ingot Bronze Ingot

Tier Two

Adds the ability to specify a detonation height and lock height. Without a support frame, it has an inaccuracy of 30 blocks(Same as T1). With a support frame, the innacuracy drops to only 7 blocks. It has a maximum range of 2000 blocks from the control panel. Compatible with the Radar Gun.


Tier 2 Missile Launcher

Steel Ingot   Steel Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png 32x32px
Steel Ingot Advanced Circuit Steel Ingot
Steel Ingot 32x32px Steel Ingot

Tier Three

A frequency can be set for it so that a Laser Designator can be used to call air strike. It has a 30 block innacuracy without a support frame, and perfect accuracy with one. It has an obscene range of 10,000 blocks. No one can hide from this launcher.


Tier 3 Missile Launcher

Steel Plate   Steel Plate Grid layout Arrow (small).png 32x32px
Steel Plate Elite Circuit Steel Plate
Steel Plate 32x32px Steel Plate

Using a Missile Launcher

  1. To use a missile launcher, you must first have a decent supply(15 kilowatt) of electricity in the Battery Box or from a power generator(e.g. Coal Generator).
  2. First, set up your missile launcher by placing a launcher platform behind a launcher screen(and optionally a Launcher Support Frame, which increases the accuracy of your launched missiles).
  3. Connect a conductor(e.g. Copper Wire) to the screen of the missile launcher.
  4. In the GUI of the launcher screen, you will see the amount of electricity stored in the launcher.
  5. Once the launcher is fully charged, you may place your missile in the launcher platform by right clicking on the launcher platform.
  6. Set the destination of the missile launcher either by typing it in or transferring it with a Radar Gun. More information about that can be found on the Remote page.
  7. Power the screen of the missile launcher with a redstone current and your missile should be on its way!




The Launcher Control Panel implements the ComputerCraft Peripheral API and can be controlled by ComputerCraft Computers using the normal peripheral.wrap(SIDE) function. Currently the following methods are provided by the Launcher:

  • launch() - Fires the missile.
  • canLaunch() - Returns whether the launch platform is able to launch.
  • getMissile() - Returns the name of the loaded missile in the launcher platform or 'nil' if empty.
  • getFrequency() - Returns the currently configured frequency for the Laser Designator.
  • setFrequency(int freq) - Change the Laser Designator Frequency to freq.
  • getTarget() - Returns the current target as triple x, y, z.
  • setTarget(int x, int y, int z) - Set the new target.

AssemblyLine / RedPower


The launcher platform inventory can be accessed via the central bottom part of the platform. Manipulators (Assembly Line) or Tubes (RedPower) can feed Missiles into the platform from below automatically rearming the missile launcher.

Video Tutorial

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