Hypersonic Explosive

Hypersonic Explosive
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Hypersonic Explosive






ICBM 0.7.0

The hypersonic explosive is an advanced version of the Sonic Explosive. Not only is the hypersonic explosive more powerful, it also has a special attribute. One thing that makes hypersonic explosive very different from other explosives is that it penetrates through blocks with higher resistance better than blocks with lower resistance, making this a great offensive tool against fortified defense. However, blocks with low resistance will easily repel the sonic wave, rendering the explosive not as effective.


  Sonic Explosive   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Hypersonic Explosive
Sonic Explosive Sonic Explosive Sonic Explosive
  Sonic Explosive  

Hypersonic Missile

Missile form of the above Explosive

Missile Module Hypersonic Explosive   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Hypersonic Missile


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