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Item Handling

Input Voltage


Output Voltage





A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block




For those that have played the build craft mod this is your wooden pipe and engine. As well as you normal pipe input into machines.

This machine will push all items that feed into it into an inventory behind it. If no inventory exists, it will spit the item out behind it. If the manipulator is shift-clicked with a wrench, it will change its mode to output mode, and will take items from the inventory and eject them out the front. If the inventory does not exist, it will simply suck nearby items into it. The manipulator can interact with inventories on all of its sides. Items can be manually thrown or dropped into the manipulator, making it useful for farms and avoiding large sections of downward conveyor belts.

The Manipulator needs to be powered. Connect it with the same power as the Conveyor Belt in order to have it working. Power the Manipulator from below.

Using the Manipulator

Retrieving items

In order for the Manipulator to retrieve one item from an adjacent chest or machine, the Manipulator needs a Redstone signal. You can connect a Lever or make a Redstone timer to have it retrieve items and place it on the Conveyor belt. It only takes 1 item per Redstone signal.

Placing items

When the Manipulator is set to place items into an inventory it does not need a Redstone signal. It will automatically place the item into the adjacent inventory. If you want to insert items into machinery you need to make sure the Manipulator is placed properly on the machine. For example a Furnace takes its items from the top. In order to place items in that slot, place the Manipulator on the top of the Machine.

You will need to power the machine with electricity in order for it to accept items.


Dispenser Basic Circuit   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Manipulator

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