EMP Explosive

EMP Explosive
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EMP Explosive






The electromagnetic explosive releases an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) when detonated depleting electricity reserves and taking down missiles in the air. The area of the EMP is approximately 50 blocks. This explosive is the perfect counter for the force field from the MFFS mod since the electromagnetic wave can penetrate through the force field and decharge the generator. The EMP explosive can also be used to disable your enemies' bases by simply depleting their electricity and not allowing them to launch missiles. It can be also used as a defense against missiles as the electromagnetic blast confuses the missiles and drops them down from the sky as items. However, the EMP explosive requires four fully charged battery to be crafted and is an indiscriminate explosive (meaning it will hurt your electric systems as well as your enemies'). The EMP explosive was released in ICBM version 0.3.2.


Redstone Dust Battery Redstone Dust Grid layout Arrow (small).png EMP Explosive
Battery TNT Battery
Redstone Dust Battery Redstone Dust

EMP Missile

Missile form of the above Explosive

Missile Module EMP Explosive   Grid layout Arrow (small).png EMP Missile

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