Cruise Launcher

Cruise Launcher
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Cruise Launcher






The cruise missile launcher is a missile launcher that is small, fast and sneaky. It’s like a mini version of the big intercontinental launcher. This launcher is small and easy to hide and it shoots cruise missiles which are fast and furious. The missile’s path doesn't go in a parabola shape but instead it flies straight forward and smashes into enemy bases. This makes the cruise launcher good for short range and quick assaults as they can carry the same amount of warheads as the traditional launcher but they are quicker and easier to set up. The cruise launcher can only fire tier 1, 2, and 3 missiles.

Operating it

To operate your Missile Launcher, you can use a redstone signal or a lever.It is a very quick and easy device for firing missiles.Now to aim it. you can use the Rader Gun, simply pointing it at an object and returning the coordinates to the launcher to apply the changes.


Launcher Support Frame T3 Launcher Platform T3   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Cruise Launcher
Steel Plate Steel Plate Steel Plate

Video Demo

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