Railgun (ICBM)

Railgun (ICBM)
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Railgun (ICBM)






The railgun is the future of warfare. A railgun utilizes electromagnetic force by generating a magnetic charge that can propel any object with the same magnetic field at speeds up to thousands of miles an hour, being able to tear through any material and travel for hundreds of miles at a constant velocity. The railgun requires 60 kilowatts of electricity for every shot, and requires a cooldown time in between shots to regain its magnetic charge.


To operate the rail gun, you will need Railgun Bullets or Antimatter Bullets as ammunition. You will also need a Turret Platform to place the rail gun on. Insert the railgun bullet into its slot, provide a redstone signal to the railgun, and unleash total and utter destruction upon all the poor Testificates and fellow players!

You can right-click the gun to interact with it and aim. Note that right-clicking or anything similar to this while interacting the railgun does not fire it, a redstone signal has to be applied to it.

You can also use a lever placed ON the railgun base to fire it.

As the railgun takes time to load and charge, it is important to defend it in combat.


      Grid layout Arrow (small).png Railgun
Elite Circuit Radar Gun Diamond
Steel Plate Steel Plate Steel Plate

Video Demo


The first person view when mounting the Railgun.
A Railgun being provided with power.
The Damage of an Anti-Matter Bullet.

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