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Radar Station
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The radar station is a machine used for detecting incoming missiles and enemy players. The radar requires 100 watts per second of electricity to be operational. Once charged, the GUI of the radar will feature a map and show coordinates of incoming missiles and players. The radar has a default range of 500 blocks and can be extended with Relay Stations and Satellites.


The radar has the ability of sending out an alarm and a redstone pulse once it detects an incoming missile. The radar will sound an alarm if a missile is within its alarm radius and the target of the missile is within its safety zone. The alarm radius can be set in the radar up to the radar's maximum missile detection range. By default, the safety zone of a radar is 20 blocks and the alarm radius is 80. So be default, any missile within 80 blocks of the radar targeting within 20 blocks of the target will be considered a hostile missile and an alarm will sound along with a redstone pulse.

The radar also features a radar map that covers the radar's detect range. The radar map will show the coordinate of a point when you hover over it (coordinates shown on the right side of the GUI). The radar map will also create dots for different types of objects. The radar (currently) can detect all types of missiles and all other radar stations.

A radar station will be marked with a yellow dot. A missile will be marked as a red dot if it is hostile or as a yellow dot if it is not hostile. A good way to determine if a dot is a radar or a missile is to see if the dot moves. If so, it is a missile (radars don't move!). Using the radar, you can get coordinates of other radars and target them down to take down your enemies' defenses. You can also use the radar as a defensive weapon to detect incoming missiles and sending a redstone pulse to a Missile Launcher activating an Anti-ballistic Missile to take down the hostile missile or to activate an EMP Tower.

Redstone Emission

The radar will emit a redstone signal when it detects an incoming hostile missile. Depending on which direction missiles are coming from, it will output a redstone signal to the corresponding side. The radar can also be toggled to output redstone signal in all sides regardless of the position of the missile by right clicking it with a wrench.

Radar Tracking

Right now the radar station can track several different entities and objects. Here is a list of current things that it can track:

  1. Active radar stations
  2. Active EMP Towers
  3. Missiles
  4. Flan's planes (not included in Voltz
  5. Players who are not holding a Signal Disruptor


Gold Ingot Radar Gun Gold Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Radar Station
  Steel Plate  
Steel Plate Basic Circuit Steel Plate

ComputerCraft Peripheral

The Radar Station implements the ComputerCraft peripheral API.

Two methods are provided, getBlocks() for other radars and EMP towers and getEntities() for missiles, players and planes. Both return the contacts in the same format.

Returned data comes in a table with key / value pairs for the xyz coordinates of each detected object in range. Keys are formatted as follows: x1, y1, z1, x2, ... zn where n is an arbitrary number distinguishing unique contacts.

The ComputerCraft wiki has general information on using peripherals with Computers.

However in the current version of the IBCM mod there is a bug when using the computercraft functions. When trying to call either of the functions, the computer returns an error stating that the radar is not powered, even if it is.

Video Demo

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