Remote Detonator

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Remotes can trigger the redstone current within the Condensed Explosive, making them explode when a signal is sent. The remote can only detonate the Condensed Explosive and the Breaching Explosive. It is possible to detonate other explosives by placing a Condensed Explosive next to the explosive and detonating the Condensed Explosive. To detonate an explosive, right click the explosive with the cross hair on it, it will immediately detonate.


Redstone Dust Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Remote Detonator
Steel Ingot Advanced Circuit Stone Button
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Steel Ingot

Linking Detonation

There is an even sneakier way to detonate explosives. The linking detonation feature allows you to lock your remote onto a specific explosive and detonate it no matter where you are without looking at it. First, you have to hold down your sneak key (shift) and right click on an explosive. Your remote will lock down and remember that explosive. After the remote locks down on an explosive, you can detonate that explosive anytime by shift right clicking without the need to face it!

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