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The explosives and missiles in ICBM are quite devastating. To protect your home (and yourself) from the dangers of intercontinental war you can set up various defensive systems. This article will teach you how.

Reducing Damage

Various materials are more resistant to explosives than normal building materials. Use concrete, or blast proof walling to protect from smaller missiles or explosives. Also see the Advanced Defense Tutorial

Preventing Damage from Missiles

To get rid of missiles targeted at you, you must first detect them. This is done with a Radar Station. Another fantastic way to prevent damage to your base is to just plainly not be detected. Using Camoflauge will prevent your base from being detected. Be warned, if an EMP goes off next to it, it cancels all the camoflauge in an area.

Radar Station

A Radar Station detects incoming missiles as well as other radar stations, emp towers or planes. When a missile is targeted into the safe zone of the radar it emmits a redstone pulse (see Radar Station for details how to set it up.)

The redstone signal can then be used to activate your countermeasures. There are four main ways of setting up a defense system, as follows:


The Moduar Force Field provides a good way to shield your base from any explosives. To reduce power consumption you can switch it on when detecting any hostile missiles.

Anti-Ballistic missile

This is a missile which is used to shoot down other missiles. This means that if you connect it to your radar you can make it be automatically launched when your radar detects an enemy missile which means that no missile can attack you. Also see the Advanced Defense Tutorial

Note: The radar doesn't provide any targeting information so you have to take care where to aim the missile to get it near the incoming explosive.


Note: this refers to the EMP Tower, not the EMP Explosive.

Set up your EMP tower with a sizable energy source (i. e., Fulmination Generator, Fusion/Fission generator). It is suggested that you set it to only disrupt missiles, so your energy stores will still be intact. Also note that the Radar station should be set to 'output redstone on all sides: true'. Also, to help against a multi-missile attack, set up another EMP tower inside with a slight delay on it to get rid of as many missiles as possible.

The EMP needs some time to recharge, depending on blast radius, potentially leaving you vulnerable to a second missile in the meantime.

A simple EMP Defence system


Note: this refers to MFFS.

Set up a normal forcefield and make sure it covers your whole base. Keep it activated and make sure it has enough power, and just go do your thing! It will protect your base from ANY missile!


One of the oldest ways, you just dig a deep hole in the ground and hide there. Some pros/cons with this setup are:

Pros Cons
Other players generally cannot find where you are You may lose your base
Hard for other players to attack you with missiles. You cannot easily launch missiles
Cheap to set up This setup does not pose adequate defense against multiple missiles or cluster missiles

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  • Find a cave to use. You can collect ores while building your top-secret base.
  • Don't mine or tunnel where you live. Makes you more liable to get found.
  • Try to make sure that at night, light isn't pouring from where your base is. It's a dead give away, and may be a potentially devastating mistake.
  • ALWAYS have some sort of missile defence. Whether you are underground or not.
  • If you are underground, be far enough under that someone can't just look down and see your name plate.

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