Endothermic Explosive

Endothermic Explosive
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Endothermic Explosive






The endothermic explosive is a high tech explosive that uses the cold of the night to absorb heat around it and cause an area to turn into a frozen wasteland. The endothermic explosive only works at night and is the perfect counter for the exothermic explosives. Not only will the endothermic explosive turn the surface of its explosion zone into ice, it will also cause frostbite on all animals and players rendering them extremely slow, dizzy and lose huge amounts of hunger. The frostbite will also demolish the player's health, reducing it to nothing within seconds.. Walking on ice while in frostbitten mode will deal 1 heart per second, so be very careful...


Ice Snow Block Ice Grid layout Arrow (small).png Endothermic Explosive
Snow Block TNT Snow Block
Ice Snow Block Ice

Endothermic Missile

Missile form of the above Explosive

Missile Module Endothermic Explosive   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Endothermic Missile

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