EMP Tower

EMP Tower
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EMP Tower








The electromagnetic tower is a high tier debilitating weapon capable of clearing enemy's electricity reserves and defending against mass missile attacks. However, with power comes price. The EMP tower requires 100 kilowatts of electricity to function and the electricity itself will deplete over time so you have to keep feeding it with electricity. It takes a decent amount of time to fully charge up. Once activated by redstone, it will create an EMP explosion.

Although the EMP tower consumes more electricity, the customization of the EMP explosion gives the EMP tower a significant advantage compared to using an EMP explosive. You can choose the range and of the EMP explosion and the electronics the EMP effects. The maximum range is also more than the EMP explosive. The only downside of using an EMP tower is that it is not portable and needs time recharging.


Steel Plate Steel Plate Steel Plate Grid layout Arrow (small).png EMP Tower
Battery Box Elite Circuit Battery Box
Steel Plate Motor Steel Plate

Missile Defense system With Emp Towers

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