ICBM is a Minecraft Mod that introduces missiles and other explosives to Minecraft.

Currently, ICBM has four tiers of explosives. Each tier has a separate color scheme. Tier one is green, tier two is red, tier three is blue and tier four is black. Tier four only has two explosives.

Each explosive has three forms; A block form, a grenade form, and a missile form. To get the grenade or Missile forms, you need to upgrade from the block form.

Delivery Systems

Before you even consider what missiles to use for blasting you enemies into submission from range, you must first consider how to get your missile into the air. There are numerous ways to launch missiles; you can use a Launcher Platform of any of the 3 tiers. But you can use more mobile forms like the Cruise Launcher or the even more convenient Rocket Launcher


There are many types of missiles for each Tier. There are 7 Tier 1 missiles, 9 in Tier 2, 7 in Tier 3 and 2 in Tier 4. The higher the tier, the more powerful and destructive the missile and its explosive charge. To craft one, combine the explosive with a Missile Module.

To launch Missiles, you need to use a Launcher Platform, Support Frame, and a Control Panel. Each one has 3 tiers, and the Tier number represents the highest Tier missile it can launch effectively. (A Support Frame is actually not needed to launch the missiles, but it does increase the missiles' accuracy.)

To pick where you want the missile to land, you need to enter the coordinates of the location, or you can make a Radar Gun. Then, point the gun at the target, right-click, and then right-click on the launch control panel to transfer the information. You will also need to power the launch control panel with a redstone current to launch the missile.

Missiles have a default range of 2000 blocks (configurable in the mod config). They will load chunks as they pass through them.


To change an Tier 1 explosive to its grenade form, you must craft string with the explosive. A grenade can be thrown by right clicking, and will explode shortly after it has been thrown. Grenade explosions are significantly smaller than the explosive's TNT form. The grenade has a longer fuse than the explosive in its block form.


The mod also adds Explosive Minecarts. These are made by crafting a Minecart and a Tier 2 or 1 Explosive together. They detonate when lit with a flint and steel, or pass over a rail powered by a Redstone signal.

ICBM Videos

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