Antimatter Explosive

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Antimatter Explosive
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Antimatter Explosive








This explosive is the most devastating and one of the most costly explosives in the ICBM arsenal. It requires a Nuclear Explosive, as well as 8 antimatter capsules, which can only be legitimately obtained through the use of a Particle Accelerator . Considering it's precious antimatter can also be used for energy production, the choice to use it for destructive purposes requires a large investment of time and resources.

This is one of the few explosives capable of destroying obsidian with complete ease. Additionally, this explosive is capable of destroying the permanent black hole created by the red matter explosives .


Antimatter explosives are crafted from 8 antimatter capsules combined with a nuclear explosive.

Antimatter Capsule Antimatter Capsule Antimatter Capsule Grid layout Arrow (small).png Antimatter Explosive
Antimatter Capsule Nuclear Explosive Antimatter Capsule
Antimatter Capsule Antimatter Capsule Antimatter Capsule

Antimatter Missile

Missile form of the above Explosive

Missile Module Antimatter Explosive   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Antimatter Missile

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