Particle Accelerator

Particle Accelerator
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Particle Accelerator

Atomic Science






Yes, 64

When building the particle accelerator, each piece needs only 3 electromagnets (bottom, left, and right), and the top one is not required. (0.3.7 and below only)


The particle accelerator is a block that will shoot an atomic particle into the electromagnet complex, at which point it will be accelerated toward speeds unknown. The particle accelerator must be built into one of the corners of the accelerator ring, which is made out of electromagnets. The electromagnet ring and the particle accelerator are necessary to produce Antimatter and Strange Matter. Antimatter will be generated when the particle reaches 100% velocity. The larger the complex, the faster this velocity can be achieved. The larger the particle accelerator, the more efficient it is and the less energy it takes to create the antimatter. Once the accelerator reaches a certain size, it will be so efficient that it will start generating more matter than it uses energy to make matter.

In order to set up the particle accelerator, a large power source must first be obtained. It is also recommended to have insulated superconductor wires and it is necessary to have a 120 Volt Transformer. Electromagnets are by far the most expensive part of creating the particle accelerator, since each block of the accelerator requires 4 electromagnets to be placed (top, bottom, left, right, leaving a 1x1 space in the middle). After all these materials have been obtained, the ring itself can be built. One type of accelerator is a straight line particle accelerator, which uses the least power in creating antimatter but is costly in terms of electromagnets. The most cost-effective build is the large hadron collider-style ring, which can be built from the creative mode accelerator builder block or by hand. The Accelerator ring must be horizontal or the particle will not be created. The Particle Accelerator can be automated using a Manipulator from the Assembly Line mod. The bottom input of the Accelerator accepts the material to be accelerated, the top accepts empty cells, and the side can extract completed antimatter.

Particle Accelerator Tutorial

Large Hadron Collider
Particle Accelerator

The minimum size for the accelerator ring is 30x30, so you need to start with at least 480 electromagnets for which you will need:

What Material Amount
Bronze 3840
Steel Ingot 1220
Copper Wire 1220
Iron Ingot 240


Steel Plate Elite Circuit Steel Plate Grid layout Arrow (small).png Particle Accelerator
Elite Circuit Motor Elite Circuit
Steel Plate Elite Circuit Steel Plate

Materials Needed (Particle Accelerator Machine)

What Material Amount
Copper Wire 68
Iron Ingot 1
Gold Ingot 24
Steel Ingot 20
Bronze Ingot 64
Redstone 112
Lapis Lazuli 36
Diamond 8

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