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So you've seen the ICBM defense tutorial, but that stuff is too simple and you want something you don't have to constantly maintain; then you made the right choice by coming here! This will cover how to make an Anti-ballistic Missile system that you only have to maintain by doing one thing: reloading it!

  1. Start by gathering alt of resources and crafting the following:
  2. Build some kind of walled compound. It does not have to have any buildings in it, but you will be building a few things in it.
  3. Place your radar station in the middle of the compound, with redstone leading out from it (going north, south, east and west)
  4. Place a Launch Panel in front of each redstone wire and set the coordinates about 600 blocks away in the direction each one is facing.
  5. Add the Launch Panels and Support Frames to the 4 missile launch stations (currently just the launcher panels)
  6. Load the anti-ballistic missiles into the launch platforms
  7. Set up the generators and connect them to the launch panels and the radar station
  8. This is an optional step; make a bunker with metal-reinforced stone ceilings and walls. Put two chests in the bunker; one full of weapons, ammo and food and the other full of milk.

Here's one I made:


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