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Atomic Science is a mod by Calclavia that adds in various ways of creating Electricity for other Universal Electricity mods . The mod itself includes nuclear fission and nuclear fusion, as well as several ways of obtaining the resources vital to progressing in this mod.

The mod also includes various machines like a Centrifuge, which is an essential machine to help you produce Enriched Uranium.

A fusion reactor

Fission Reactor

Main article: Fission Reactor

Fission Reactors can be used to generate high levels of electricity, but are extremely dangerous. If handled improperly, fission reactors can go into meltdown, infecting the land around it with nuclear waste and causing radiation poisoning to those without a Hazmat Suit.

To be kept from going into meltdown and to produce steam, fission reactors need a constant supply of water. It is not enough to simply surround the reactor block with source blocks, as these will be turned into steam the moment the reactor generates enough heat. Therefore, a gap of at least one block should be kept between the reactor and the source block.

Turbines are also needed to generate power from the reactor. A good setup for the turbines above the reactor is to have the block above the reactor free (thus allowing the input and output of uranium), and all the blocks surrounding it to have turbines to catch all the steam. Turbines output power from the top into wires, which can then be carried to the machine of your choice.

The final component is, of course, Uranium. No fission reactor will run without an input of uranium. Once the uranium has been refined and constructed into a rod, it can be put into the reactor. This is done simply by right-clicking the reactor. Once the uranium has been inserted, the reactor will begin to slowly spin. This is the sign that it is generating heat. It takes time for the reactor to build up enough heat to evaporate the water. Once it reaches this level, the water will keep being evaporated until dries up or the uranium runs out.

If you don't want to manually have to take out the uranium every time you want the reactor to stop, or you want a quick and easy fail-safe to stop your reactor from overheating, then consider investing in a Control Rod. Control rods stop the reactor when placed next it. They can also be pushed by pistons, meaning you can stop the reactor quickly and effectively from your control room.

Hazmat Suit

Main article: Hazmat Suit

The Hazmat Suit is a must have component to ensure your safety when working with reactors. Obviously you will need to check your reactor or put more uranium in it, so you must have protection against radiation, therefore the hazmat suit is very important. It protects you from getting radiation poisoning from either uranium ore, nuclear fallout, or holding radioactive materials. All pieces of the hazmat suit must be worn at all times to offer any protection. The player will not be protected if one or more Hazmat suit pieces are not worn.

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