Fulmination Generator

Fulmination Generator
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Fulmination Generator

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The Fulmination Generator generates energy based on particle explosions, such as Antimatter and Conventional Grenades. It is not recommended to use block explosives, Missiles, Anti-gravitational Grenades, and etc.

The Fulmination Generator must always have a water source to be able to condense explosion without breaching the Fulmination Generator's hull (see tutorial video for more information). The generator only requires a single layer of water source inside the cube to avoid breaching.

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Fulmination Generator


Obsidian Steel Plate Obsidian Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fulmination Generator
Steel Plate Advanced Circuit Steel Plate
Obsidian Steel Plate Obsidian

How to use the Fulmination Generator

Place an explosive material such as Antimatter within the chamber, see the tutorial videos below for typical chamber designs.

Tested In Voltz Version 1.08 with Antimatter (1 gram) using Insulated Superconductor, 240 Volt Transformer, Advanced Battery, and (Optional) Ultimate Storage Upgrade.


Dimensions Potential Energy Output
1x1 100 kJ or 200 kJ
3x3x1 300 kJ
3x3x3 2.69 MJ
4x4x4 5.50 MJ
5x5x5 8.09 MJ
7x7x7 15.89 MJ
"Perfect" 7x7x7 18 MJ

Tested with 4 Conventional Grenades using correct timing (fraction of a second delay), Insulated Superconductor, 240 Volt Transformer, and Advanced Battery

Dimensions Potential Energy Output
3x3x1 310 kJ
3x3x3 1.31 MJ
4x4x4 1.57 MJ
Use a 240 Volt Transformer (equivalent to Advanced Battery's voltage maximum requirement) to step down the voltage.

Tutorial Videos

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