Strange Matter

Strange Matter
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Strange Matter

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"Strange Matter is...well..strange. The methods of obtaining strange matter remain a mystery, but it is sometimes found near LHC machines..."

Strange Matter Production

Main article: Particle Accelerator

The only way to obtain Strange Matter is by colliding two particles from a Particle Accelerator. The particle(s) will explode and will have an approximately 2% chance of producing strange matter. The minimum distance a particle must travel to explode is two blocks from the accelerator. The explosion created by the particle(s) do not hurt the player directly, but it does produce an area of radiation poisoning. It's generally a good idea to equip Power Armor with full radiation shielding or a Hazmat Suit.

Strange Matter Recipes

Red Matter Explosives requires 8 Strange Matter and 1 Antimatter Explosives to be crafted. The crafting recipe for Red Matter Explosives becomes outdated in later Voltz versions. The updated recipe replaces the Ender Explosive With an Antimatter Explosive as shown:

Strange Matter Strange Matter Strange Matter Grid layout Arrow (small).png Red Matter Explosives
Strange Matter Antimatter Explosives Strange Matter
Strange Matter Strange Matter Strange Matter


  • Make sure you pull up the chunk markers (F9) before constructing your generator.
  • For best results and to reduce the probability of your generator breaking, have the bend of the generator face EAST.
  • Make sure you are equally distributing power at the same time to both particle accelerator blocks or the machine may be thrown off balance and/or break.

Video Tutorials

An updated tutorial video for 1.5.2 on how to efficiently generate strange matter using Particle Accelerators by StarRift:

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