Nuclear Boiler

Nuclear Boiler
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Nuclear Boiler

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The Nuclear Boiler is a machine that is currently used to refine Uranium Hexafluoride from water and Uranium Ore/Yellowcake.

Note that the Chemical Extractor processes one Uranium Ore to three Yellowcake, therefore more Hexafluoride gas is obtained by refining the latter at the expense of time and power.

As of 1.1.4 there is no way to pipe the Uranium Hexafluoride gas, so the Centrifuge must be placed next to the Nuclear Boiler.

Notice that wiring up this machine to an advanced energy cube or higher directly will make it explode. You may need to use a 120v Transformer or use a 120v energy source in order for it to work.

Nuclear Boiler Crafting

Steel Plate   Steel Plate Grid layout Arrow (small).png Nuclear Boiler
Furnace Bucket Furnace
Steel Plate Motor Steel Plate


Nuclear Boiler GUI.png

Tutorial Video

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