Fission Reactor

Fission Reactor
Fission Reactor.png
Fission Reactor

Atomic Science


Power Generator

Input Voltage





Yes, 64

The fission reactor is a type of nuclear reactor where one can place Fissile Fuel Rods within to start nuclear fission. The reaction will heat up nearby water blocks and start turning them into steam. The steam is used by a Turbine (above the water) to generate Electricity, which is conducted out through your Copper Wires. To place a uranium rod in the reactor, right click the reactor core with a uranium rod in your hand.

The fission reactor has to be properly controlled to make sure it is constantly cooled down. If the reactor reaches above 2000°C, it will explode out fire and lava and generating Radioactive Material.


Fission Reactor Recipe

Aftermath of a Fission Reactor exploding
Steel Plate Advanced Circuit Steel Plate Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fission Reactor
Motor Empty Cell Motor
Steel Plate Advanced Circuit Steel Plate

Materials Needed

What Material Amount
Copper Wire 24
Iron Ingot 2
Tin Ingot 4
Steel Ingot 24
Bronze Ingot 16
Redstone 28
Diamond 2

Video Tutorial

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