Atomic Assembler

Atomic Assembler
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Atomic Assembler

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The Atomic Assembler is a machine that allows you to legitimately duplicate any item by assembling it using Strange Matter substances. The duplication takes a long time and requires a lot of energy to do so.

The process takes 180 seconds and uses 24MJ of power (using Insulated Superconductor wires). You currently only need 5 pieces of Strange Matter to get it to do the process, the bottom slot does not need to be filled. Not all items are capable of being duplicated currently, such as the block of gold shown in the picture below. Although ingots can be duplicated. However, gold plating can be duplicated and transfered into 4 gold ingots. Any type of plating can be duplicated and is more effecient than ingots. Some machines also can such as the Fusion Reactor. When placed, after a few seconds the Assembler will begin to make a creepy and annoying sound that continuously plays.


Elite Circuit Elite Circuit Elite Circuit Grid layout Arrow (small).png Atomic Assembler
Steel Plate Centrifuge Steel Plate
Steel Plate Steel Plate Steel Plate


Atomic Assembler GUI.png

Tutorial Video

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