Deuterium Extractor

Deuterium Extractor
Deuterium Extractor.png
Deuterium Extractor

Atomic Science



Input Voltage





Yes, 64

A Deuterium Extractor is used to create Deuterium for use in the Fusion Reactor. To create Deuterium you place a bucket of water in the input slot and apply power. Make sure you put an Empty Cell on the left top slot so the deuterium can be extracted. It is also possible to automatically provide water to the Deuterium Extractor using Fluid Mechanics pumps and piping.

Deuterium Extractor has been renamed to Chemical Extractor in new versions of Atomic Science.


Bronze Ingot Steel Plate Bronze Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Deuterium Extractor
Centrifuge Elite Circuit Centrifuge
Bronze Ingot Steel Plate Bronze Ingot

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