Fissile Fuel Rod

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Fissile Fuel Rod
Fissile Fuel Rod.png
Fissile Fuel Rod

Atomic Science




30 minutes





The Fissile Fuel Rod is the replacement of the Uranium Rod, it is harder to make but also lasts longer. Fissile cells sustain a fission chain reaction unlike Breeder Fuel Rod. Fissile fuel rods are made with Enriched Uranium.

This cell will last about 30 minutes.


Empty Cell Enriched Uranium Empty Cell Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fissile Fuel Rod
Empty Cell Enriched Uranium Empty Cell
Empty Cell Enriched Uranium Empty Cell


A fissile fuel rod can be re-enriched in a breeder reactor

Video Tutorial: How to make and use Fissile Fuel Rods

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