Reactor Turbine

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Reactor Turbine
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Reactor Turbine

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Turbines have the ability to absorb the steam that is coming from water blocks that are heated by a fission reactor. It must be placed directly above the water blocks. As the turbine blades are turned by the steam, current is generated. A wire must be plugged in from the top of the turbine in order for it to produce electricity. Turbines may take a few seconds to turn as steam is produced, indicated by their sound and blade speed. Note that turbines generate a fairly high voltage of electricity so a thick wire is recommended.

Large Reactor Turbines

Putting 9 turbines in a 3x3 pattern flat on the ground and right clicking the turbine in the center with a wrench will turn the small reactor turbines into a large reactor turbine. The large turbine is more efficient and generates more power than the small turbine, so it is recommended to make one.

A Large Reactor Turbine


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Bronze Plate Motor Bronze Plate
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Fusion Reactor Tutorial

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