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There are two types of nuclear reactor in Voltz: Fission and Fusion. Fission Reactors are easier to build and comparatively cheap, but fail catastrophically once they reach a certain temperature, irradiating the area around them. Furthermore, they apply the Radiation Poisoning to any entity near the reactor, forcing players to wear a Hazmat Suit while in the vicinity. Fusion Reactors are extremely expensive to build, but fail in a way that is easier to contain. They do not have a maximum temperature, and as such, are only prone to failure if damaged by an outside source, such as TNT or a Creeper. They are also also extremely expandable, and can end up providing many times what a fission reactor could, at a premium of space and materials. To sum up, if you are late game and looking to expand your power system, build a Fusion Reactor. If you are early game, however, look to a Fission Reactor for quick and dirty electricity.


Fission Reactors

Fission Reactors work by splitting atoms, to do this you must:

  1. Build a Fission Reactor
  2. Build a suitable enclosure, see Tutorial Videos below for typical designs.
  3. Place a Uranium Rod inside the Fission Reactor
  4. Ensure that water above the reactor is causing the Reactor Turbine to spin
  5. Ensure that the turbines are wired up to some form of storage for the energy.

Once you have done this you should gain electrical energy from the turbines, the energy is then stored in your Battery Box

Nuclear Energy Tutorial

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