Breeder Reactor

A Breeder Reactor uses Breeder Fuel Rods in multiple Fission Reactors to recharge a single Fissile Fuel Rod in a central Fission Reactor. By using a Breeder Reactor system, it is possible to re-enrich a Fissile Fuel Rod rather than need to create a new one each time a fuel rod is depleted.


To construct a Breeder Reactor system, you will need at least five Fission Reactors. Place one reactor in the center and surround it with the remaining reactors. Place water, Thermometer Blocks, and Control Rods as necessary to keep the reaction under control. Since there will be multiple reactors in close proximity, you will need more thorough temperature control than for a normal fission reactor system.


To use the Breeder Reactor system to recharge a Fissile Fuel Rod, place your Breeder Fuel Rods in the outside ring of Fission Reactors. Then place the Fissile Fuel Rod in the center. Rods can be inserted or removed by right-clicking the reactor. You should remove the Breeder Fuel Rods when not recharging, as they are slowly being discharged while they are in their reactors.


Watch this for a demonstration of how to use the Breeder Reactor system.

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