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Atomic Science







The centrifuge is a device that utilizes the effect of centrifugal force to refine uranium for use in fission reactors.

In order to run the centrifuge, one must plug electricity into this machine (or place a charged battery in the bottom left slot. Then Uranium Ore must be placed into the top right slot and Empty Cells into the top left slot. The centrifuge will spin at high speeds, separating uranium ore into uranium and various impurities.

The process of refining Uranium Ore into Refined Uranium takes 16 minutes, 40 seconds (1000 seconds) and uses up 5000 KiloJoules of energy. This is large amount of electricity used up, and even though it is used up slowly, it would be wise to have about 2 Advanced Solar Generators connected to some form of electricity storage unit before you begin, to conserve some scrap energy to use for alternate processes.


Bronze Ingot Steel Plate Bronze Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Centrifuge
Motor Advanced Circuit Motor
Bronze Ingot Steel Plate Bronze Ingot


Interface Centrifuge (Updated).png

Materials Needed

What Material Amount
Copper Wire 24
Iron Ingot 2
Gold Ingot 6
Steel Ingot 16
Bronze Ingot 20
Redstone 28
Lapis Lazuli 9
Diamond 2

Video Demo

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