Solar Generator

Solar Generator
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Solar Generator



Power Generator

Input Voltage


Output Voltage







A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block


Yes, 64

The Solar Generator is an alternative source of power supply utilizing the sun to produce 120 Volts.

Its output is marked by a red cube facing the player when placed.

Because of the Platinum Dust the recipe can be a bit difficult to create early. Players need either a Crusher to crush Platinum Ingot or an Enrichment Chamber to create Dusts from Platinum Ore.


Solar Panel Solar Panel Solar Panel Grid layout Arrow (small).png Solar Generator
Enriched Alloy Iron (Ingot) Enriched Alloy
Platinum Dust Energy Tablet Platinum Dust


Solar Generator GUI

On the left there is a Sun/Moon icon indicating whether panel has sunlight access or not (either due to obstacles or simply, night).

In the middle, the black panel shows:

Line 1: Energy currently stored in its internal buffer.
Line 2: Sun boolean similar to the left indicator.
Line 3: Output power voltage.

The slot at the right accepts batteries or handheld devices and powers them up using it's generated energy directly.

Finally the Bar at right is the internal energy buffer Indicator, currently full in this image.

Tutorial Videos

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