Metallurgic Infuser

Metallurgic Infuser
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Metallurgic Infuser



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The Metallurgic Infuser can be used to create Steel Dust or Bronze Ingot. While requiring 12 watts per tick( RedStone can be used as power alternative.), the machine functions by compressing a certain type of infuse into a various alloy, the infuse type depending on the operation. Currently the only two types of infuse are tin and carbon.

  • You can produce Steel Dust by placing Enriched Iron into the input slot and Compressed Carbon into the infuse slot (to obtain the carbon infuse type). This process requires 10 infuse per operation.
  • Bronze Ingot is obtained by placing Copper Ingot into the input slot and a form of Ore Dictionary-registered Tin Dust into the infuse slot (to obtain the tin infuse type). This process requires 10 infuse per operation.

Note that you can't store two types of infuse at once. In order to put in a new kind of infuse, simply hit the DUMP button in the lower right corner of the GUI to remove all the stored infuse.

You need two Basic Circuits instead of two Control Circuits to craft the Metallurgic Infuser in some versions of Mekanism, like the one included in the Voltz mod pack. However, in Mekanism v5.5.5+, the Metallurgic Infuser is back to being built with Control Circuits and will likely remain this way in the upcoming Voltz release based on Minecraft 1.5.2.

It has an internal capacity of 10kJ.

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Iron (Ingot) Furnace Iron (Ingot) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Metallurgic Infuser
Control Circuit Enriched Alloy Control Circuit
Iron (Ingot) Furnace Iron (Ingot)

Tutorial Video

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