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Purification Chamber
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Purification Chamber



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The Purification Chamber is a device that can turn ores into ore clumps. For example: you could transform Copper Ore into 3 Copper Clump. Not all ores can be transformed into clumps, these are the only ones that do and their transformation outcome:

Clumps can then be placed in a Crusher, producing dirty ores, which can be enriched in an Enrichment Chamber to create regular dusts. In this way you can triple the quantity of ingots from Copper Ore, Tin Ore and Platinum Ore.


The Purification Chamber needs an input of 120 Volt to work. It can also be powered by a Battery (using the green slot with a power sign under it). An Upgrade can be put in as well using the orange slot (top left). To give some sort of 'power' to the Purification Chamber you need to put Flint in the small blue slot (bottom). And last but not least, put your desired ore into the red slot (top). Your clumps will be ready for pickup in the large blue slot on the right side of the GUI.


The Purification Chamber can also be charged with Redstone (Dust) instead of using electricity (120V). It does take quite a large amount of Redstone (Dust) in order to turn ores into clumps: you need to put at least 4 Redstone (Dust) in the machine in order to transform one ore.

The Purification Chamber's GUI


There are much different ways to craft a Purification Chamber but here is the most common way (cheapest --in most cases):

Control Circuit Atomic Core Control Circuit Grid layout Arrow (small).png Purification Chamber
Enriched Alloy Enrichment Chamber Enriched Alloy
Control Circuit Atomic Core Control Circuit

Some other ways to craft Purification Chamber:

Basic Circuit Atomic Core Basic Circuit Grid layout Arrow (small).png Purification Chamber
Enriched Alloy Enrichment Chamber Enriched Alloy
Basic Circuit Atomic Core Control Circuit

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