Enriched Iron

Enriched Iron
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Enriched Iron










Enriched Iron is used to create Steel Ingots. It is combined with Compressed Carbon in the Metallurgic Infuser.


Enriched Alloy     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Enriched Iron6
Iron Ingot    
Enriched Alloy    
Tin Dust     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Enriched Iron4
Iron Ingot    
Tin Dust    
Copper Dust     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Enriched Iron4
Iron Ingot    
Copper Dust    

Enriched Iron is used to make Steel in a Metallurgic Infuser. Six pieces of Enriched Iron are made by combining an Iron Ingot with two Enriched Alloys. However, four pieces of Enriched Iron can be crafted by using either Tin Dust or Copper Dust, but these two methods require the use of a Crusher or Enrichment Chamber. The use of Copper Dust or Tin Dust is useful if you wish to save on Redstone and still produce Steel, due to the abundance of Copper and Tin in comparison to Redstone Ore.

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