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Gas Tank
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The Gas Tank is a block used to store various types of gasses. It can store a total of 96,000 units of a unique type of gas -- no two types of gasses can be stored at once. As of right now, Mekanism only adds two gasses, hydrogen and oxogen and since oxogen has no use, the only real use for this is to store hydrogen. If another mod were to add gasses and implement them correctly, Gas tanks could be used to hold them too. It has a single output side that outputs at 16 units per tick continuesly while there is stored gases and a valled destination. The output can be rotated using a normal wrench or an omni-wrench if that mod is installed. The gas tank cannot be set to output up or down however the top and bottom can be used as inputs.

Gas Tank Crafting

To craft a gas tank, surround a piece of Iron Dust with Platinum Ingots.

Platinum Ingot Platinum Ingot Platinum Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Gas Tank
Platinum Ingot Iron Dust Platinum Ingot
Platinum Ingot Platinum Ingot Platinum Ingot

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