Enrichment Chamber

Enrichment Chamber
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Enrichment Chamber



Ore Processing

Input Voltage


Output Voltage





A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block



The Enrichment Chamber is one of the staple machines in the Mekanism Mod. It allows the user to create dusts from any mined ores, this is an efficient step to take as one ore will be processed into 2 dusts doubling its yield.

It can also be used to create Obsidian (Dust), which can be used in the Platinum Compressor to make Obsidian (Ingot)

Power Usage

The Enrichment Chamber will use 4.8KW at peak operation.


The Enrichment chamber needs at least 120 V in order to work. After hooking up the machine to the electricity (or using a full battery), place the raw ores in the top slot.


This machine currently will go through the process of enriching coal but will give back the coal ore at the end. The enrichment chamber will not process Saltpeter, monazit, sulfer, emerald or uranium Ores.

The machine will process gold, iron, copper, silver, tin and redstone ores yielding 2 dust for each all of which are able to be smelted. Diamond and lapis lazuli ore are the only ores that will yield items (not dust) from processing. Diamond ore will yield 2 diamonds and lapis lazuli will yield 12 items.

The Enrichment Chamber's GUI


Enriched Alloy Redstone (Dust) Enriched Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Enrichment Chamber
Control Circuit Steel Casing Control Circuit
Enriched Alloy Redstone (Dust) Enriched Alloy


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