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General game tips, categorized by mod

General Tips

  • The beginning of Voltz is just like a Vanilla Minecraft world. You will need to punch trees, make basic tools, a weapon, and a shelter.
  • Ideally, you should have a good fortification before using resources on machines.
  • You should focus on gathering copper, tin, iron, coal, some redstone, and some wool/leather to make your first machines. See Tutorials/Getting_Started_Guide for more details.

Basic Components

  • One new item to Voltz that may be very useful is the Paxel - a combination of pickaxe, shovel and axe! (Keep in mind that a Paxel will wear out as fast as a single tool of that type, so you may want to save your resources early on for pickaxes only; ex. a Steel Paxel requires 7 steel while a Steel Pickaxe requires only 3)
  • Another useful feature is the addition of Bronze tools. Bronze tools require few resources that can be found early on in the game. It requires 2 Copper Ingots and 1 Tin Ingot to make 1 Bronze Dust, which can then be smelted into a Bronze Ingot. Bronze tools are almost equivalent to Diamond in Vanilla, so you can miss out the Iron Tools step, like so:
    Wooden pickaxe -> Stone pickaxe -> Bronze pickaxe.


  • Condensed explosives with glass pressure plates make great landmines for defense.

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