Upcoming Features

These features have been confirmed by the mod devs.


  • Relay stations
  • Explosive Mining Technology
  • Better visual effects and advanced rendering after the MC 1.5 render update.
  • More strategic warfare machinery and advanced radar stuff
  • Satellites and satellites patrolling and security

Atomic Science

  • Add Cold Fusion Reactor
  • Increase complexity of particle accelerators and allow collisions
  • Change Fulmination Generators to be thermoelectric
  • Improve sounds effects
  • Improve visual effects of particle collisions as well as particle render
  • Add heat distribution system and add heat dispenser plating
  • Make Fission Reactors a lot more complex and flexible
  • Add advanced Radiation Sickness and Cancer
  • Make Antimatter harder to maintain and require effort to keep it alive
  • Reduce the cost of building an Electromagnet
  • More sci-fi and high tech stuff[1]


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