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Enrichment Chamber Guide

A recipe guide to making the machine that lets you make two ingots per each ore block (see Enrichment Chamber). At the moment it seems to only work on Gold Ore, Iron Ore, Redstone Ore, Platinum Ore, and Obsidian. This guide is a nice start to Voltz machines because you gain the ability to make Steel Blocks. The recipes are valid for Voltz v1.0.5

Total Materials

  • 132 Furnace Fuel (one Coal provides 8 smelting fuel in a stone Furnace)
    • or 21 Coal
    • plus Coal Generator Fuel
  • 94 Coal
  • 32 Cobblestone
  • 12 Leather
  • 12 Copper Ore
  • 40 Iron Ore
  • 16 Platinum Ore
  • 59 Redstone Dust
  • 28 Tin Ore



Platinum Ore16 Grid layout Furnace Progress.png Platinum Ingot16
Grid layout Fire.png

Bronze Dust

      Grid layout Arrow (small).png Bronze Dust3
Copper Ingot3 Tin Ingot3 Copper Ingot3

Bronze Ingot

Bronze Dust3 Grid layout Furnace Progress.png Bronze Ingot3
Grid layout Fire.png

Steel Dust

  Coal20   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Steel Dust20
Coal20 Iron Ingot20 Coal20

Steel Ingot

Steel Dust20 Grid layout Furnace Progress.png Steel Ingot20
Grid layout Fire.png


Cobblestone4 Cobblestone4 Cobblestone4 Grid layout Arrow (small).png Furnace4
Cobblestone4   Cobblestone4
Cobblestone4 Cobblestone4 Cobblestone4

Enriched Alloy

  Redstone Dust13   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Enriched Alloy13
Redstone Dust13 Iron Ingot13 Redstone Dust13
  Redstone Dust13  

Control Circuit

  Platinum Ingot4   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Control Circuit4
Platinum Ingot4 Enriched Alloy4 Platinum Ingot4
  Platinum Ingot4  

Insulated Copper Wire

Leather2 Copper Ingot2 Leather2 Grid layout Arrow (small).png Insulated Copper Wire12
Leather2 Copper Ingot2 Leather2
Leather2 Copper Ingot2 Leather2

Copper Wire

Insulated Copper Wire8     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Copper Wire8
      Grid layout Shapeless.png


Copper Wire Steel Ingot Copper Wire Grid layout Arrow (small).png Motor
Steel Ingot Iron Ingot Steel Ingot
Copper Wire Steel Ingot Copper Wire

Steel Plate

Steel Ingot4 Steel Ingot4   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Steel Plate4
Steel Ingot4 Steel Ingot4  

Coal Generator

Steel Plate Copper Wire Steel Plate Grid layout Arrow (small).png Coal Generator
Furnace Motor Furnace
Bronze Ingot Bronze Ingot Bronze Ingot


  Tin Ingot5   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Battery5
Tin Ingot5 Redstone5 Tin Ingot5
Tin Ingot5 Coal5 Tin Ingot5

Battery Box

Connected to the Coal Generator with an Insulated Copper Wire to charge the Battery

Battery Steel Plate Battery Grid layout Arrow (small).png Battery Box
Copper Wire Copper Wire Copper Wire
Battery Steel Plate Battery

Metallurgic Infuser

Iron Ingot Furnace Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Metallurgic Infuser
Control Circuit Enriched Alloy Control Circuit
Iron Ingot Furnace Iron Ingot

Compressed Carbon

Coal9 Grid layout Furnace Progress.png Compressed Carbon9
Grid layout Fire.png

Enriched Iron

Enriched Alloy2     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Enriched Iron12
Iron Ingot2    
Enriched Alloy2    

Refined Steel Dust

Metallurgic Infuser Interface.JPG

Refined Steel Ingot

32x32px9 Grid layout Furnace Progress.png 32x32px9
Grid layout Fire.png

Steel Block

32x32px 32x32px 32x32px Grid layout Arrow (small).png Steel Block
32x32px 32x32px 32x32px
32x32px 32x32px 32x32px

Enrichment Chamber

Enriched Alloy Redstone (Dust) Enriched Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Enrichment Chamber
Control Circuit Steel Block Control Circuit
Enriched Alloy Redstone (Dust) Enriched Alloy

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