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A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block


Yes, 64


Crates are blocks designed to easily allow massive organized item storage. A crate can be placed anywhere in the world and can store up to 2048 items. Crates can only store one type of item, however.

Simply right click the item you are holding onto the crate and it will be stored inside. To take the item out, shift-right click the crate and all the items will pop out for you. Make sure your hand is empty when shift clicking or it will not take the item out. The number of items and the name of the item stored in the crate will be updated on the block texture.

One thing to note is that if you click on the top 30% part of the crate (from the side faces of the crate) it will allow you to either input or take out all items at once. So if you have loads of items in your inventory, clicking the top portion of the crate will make it input all of those items. Similarly, shift clicking the top part will make the crate eject all of its items. This makes it very quick and easy for you to insert massive amounts of items into the crate.

If used in conjunction with a Manipulator, it will treat crates the same as chests. Items can be removed and inserted by a Manipulator from any adjacent side. Once a crate is filled, items will simply be placed above the crate.

Carrying Crates

A neat feature the crate has is the ability to be held as a single item in the player's inventory. Simply shift-right click a crate with a wrench and it will yield an item version of the crate with all items stored inside. This allows you to carry up to 2048 (32 stacks) items but only take up one slot in your inventory! Note that carrying such large amount of items will slow you down.


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Steel Ingot   Steel Ingot
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  • Crates were inspired by barrels from the Factorization mod.

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