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The Armbot is an essential part of any Assembly Line. Armbots are designed to move objects/items around to different belts/locations. Therefore eliminating the need to have one long constant belt full of rejects and other cluttering devices. The Armbot can also interact with minecarts and dropped items, making them useful for more complex railways and farms.

Armbots are also programmed using a Disk which are programmed using an Encoder. To use a created disk, simply hold it in your hand and right click on the armbot. Removing a disk is just as easy. With an emtpy hand, just right click on an arm bot and if there is a disk in it, it will now be in your hand instead. More information on the types of commands an armbot can use is located on the Encoder page.


Steel Ingot Steel Ingot   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Armbot
  Steel Ingot  
Steel Plate Advanced Circuit Steel Plate


To program armbot using only Assembly Line, see the article about the Encoder. To use it with ComputerCraft, see ComputerCraft

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