Uninsulated Wire

Uninsulated Wire
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Uninsulated Copper WireUninsulated Tin WireUninsulated Silver WireUninsulated HV WireUninsulated Superconductor

Electric Expansion







Will shock you while touching you if power is running through it. Instead, insulate the wires to protect you from shocks. Uninsulated wires also have double the resistance of their insulated counterparts.

There are 5 different Uninsulated wires

Differences Between Each Wire

Wire Resistance/Power Loss Value Maximum Amps Electrocution Damage
Copper Wire 0.05 360 1.5
Tin Wire 0.04 60 1.0
Silver Wire 0.02 600 0.5
HV Wire 0.10 20 2
Superconductor Wire 0.00 Infinite 2.5

Uninsulated Copper Wire

  Copper Ingot   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Uninsulated Copper Wire6
  Copper Ingot  
  Copper Ingot  

Uninsulated Tin Wire

  Tin Ingot   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Uninsulated Tin Wire6
  Tin Ingot  
  Tin Ingot  

Uninsulated Silver Wire

  Silver Ingot   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Uninsulated Silver Wire6
  Silver Ingot  
  Silver Ingot  

Uninsulated HV Wire

This section requires expansion.

      Grid layout Arrow (small).png Uninsulated HV Wire

Needs mod with Aluminum

Uninsulated Superconductor

Can only be made in the wire mill using a full stack of Superconductor Ingot

      Grid layout Arrow (small).png Uninsulated Superconductor64

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