Quantum Battery Box

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Quantum Battery Box
Quantum Battery Box.png
Quantum Battery Box

Electric Expansion


Power Storage

Input Voltage

120 V

Output Voltage

120 V


5,000 kJ




Yes, 64

The Quantum Battery Box is the highest tier Battery box in Electric Expansion. It is used for wireless storage of energy before releasing it to other devices.

When you right click the block, you will see a black text box. This is where the frequency goes, each quantum battery box has 5,000 kJ of power storage. Multiple blocks can be connected to the same frequency so they share power.

Each Quantum Battery Box is tied to the person who placed it, and each player has 128 frequencies available to them, starting at 0.

The GUI for a unit can only be opened by the owner, or an operator of the server, but anyone can connect cables to it and place machines next to it.


Antimatter (1 gram) Antimatter (1 gram) Antimatter (1 gram) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Quantum Battery Box
Antimatter (1 gram) Advanced Battery Box Antimatter (1 gram)
Antimatter (1 gram) Antimatter (1 gram) Antimatter (1 gram)

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