Advanced Battery Box

Advanced Battery Box
Advanced Battery Box.png
Advanced Battery Box

Electric Expansion


Power Storage

Input Voltage

240 V

Output Voltage

240 V


5,000 kJ (upgradeable)




Yes, 64

The Advanced Battery Box is a block that can be used to store electricity. It has two sides that can connect with the electical wires such as Copper Wire, on the default texture pack these are coloured Red and Black. The red terminal can be used to input power from generators or other storage units. The black terminal is used to output power. The Advanced Battery box, similar to the Generators, will not output power if there isn't a place for the power to be used. The Battery Box loses power at a rate of 0.01J per second.


The GUI of the Advanced Battery Box has 5 inventory slots, two on the left and 3 on the right. The left inventory slots are for use with Batteries. The bottom slot holds a battery which has power taken from it and into the battery box, and the top slot holds a battery to receive power from the battery box. In the middle, the current storage of the Battery Box is shown, along with the Voltage output. The right side is used for upgrades. Things like additional storage abilities, or higher power output. Here is a current list of all current upgrades:

Upgrade Description
Basic Storage Additonal 1 MJ of storage
Advanced Storage Additonal 2 MJ of storage
Elite Storage Additonal 3 MJ of storage
Ultimate Storage Additonal 5 MJ of storage
Down Transformer Cuts the current output in half
HV Power Multiplies the current by 20
HV Acceptor Allows the battery box to accept 20x its normal power

Upgrades can be mixed and matched with each other up to a max of three upgrades at once.


Battery Battery Box Battery Grid layout Arrow (small).png Advanced Battery Box
Insulated Copper Wire Insulated Copper Wire Insulated Copper Wire
Battery Advanced Circuit Battery

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