Voltz Wiki:Wiki Rules

Do not:

Vandalize pages

Vandalizing pages means editing a page in a way that defeats the original purpose of the page. Deleting all the text on a page, changing the information to be inaccurate intentionally, etc., these all count as vandalism


Spamming means to deliberatly post a link to another site for advertising purposes or just to get people to click it for views. Doing this anywhere, including your own talk page counts as spam.

Abuse rollbacks

Rollbacks are intended for reverting vandalism done by others. NOTHING ELSE. Any abuse of the rollback system, such as reverting productive changes, is prohibited.

Post on a talk page without signing

This is not a major infraction, but it is still one. It makes it far more difficult to see who exactly is posting, and to contact them if necessary.


Edit public pages

You do not need permission to edit a public page on this wiki. As long as the edit contributes to the wiki, it is acceptable.

Use talk pages

Talk pages exist for a reason, it is to keep all non-page related info off the page itself. Always put comments or notifications about things on the talk page.

Create new pages

There is no rule against creating pages on this wiki. You are free to create as many pages as you like, as long as they are related to the topic of the wiki, which is the Voltz mod pack.

Embedding Videos

Please only embed videos if they are related to the topic of the article. If they are related, please do add them!

If there are already videos embedded on the article, you may not simply remove them to give your own videos more views. Please post on Mastergalen's talk page and ask him to review your video. He will then evaluate the video. If both are talking about exactly the same thing and one is better than the other, the inferior one will be removed, in order to provide the highest quality documentation as possible

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