Voltz Wiki:How to help

Do you want to help improve the wiki? Here are a couple things you can do:

Create an Account

In order to edit the wiki and contribute, you have to create an account first. Do so by clicking the top right corner. It takes less than a minute!

Edit pages

You can then start editing pages by clicking the Edit button in the top navigation.

Creating pages

To create a new wiki page simply type the right URL into your browser:

www.voltzwiki.com/wiki/New Page Name

Page naming conventions

All name titles must have their first word capitalised:

Wrong: Page name

Right: Page Name


Here is a list of reliable sources which can be used as references:

Expand Stubs

These articles could need a little more information.

Click here to view a list of stubs.

Add some images

You can always take screenshots of gameplay footage and upload them to the wiki and add them to the appropriate articles!

Please visit this page for a list of articles that are in need of an image:

Still got questions? Get in touch with someone

Please visit our IRC channel for help.

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