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Fluid Mechanics




A stone pickaxe or better is required to mine this block


Yes, 64

The Pump is currently the only way to automatically collect water within Voltz. To operate the pump you first need to have a power supply connected to it, and also a pipe and that this will depend on what you are pumping. The pipe will need to be located at the back of the pump itself and the wire connected to the side of the pump. To make it easier to locate the correct input side, rotate the pump using a wrench. By using this pump you are allowing yourself to move vast quantities of water from point A to B.

Once the pump is all connected and ready it will collect the block of water/fluids situated directly under the pump. It is recommended to place the pump above an infinite water source. The water generated from a pump can then be used by Electrolytic Separators, Deuterium Extractors and Sinks.


Basic Circuit Steel Plate Basic Circuit Grid layout Arrow (small).png Pump
Valve Part Motor Valve Part
Steel Plate Generic Pipe Steel Plate

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