Talk:Voltz Wiki

Add Gun Turret and Turret Platform to the ICBM navigation.

Fix the typo of "brining" to "bringing" in the "About Voltz" box. DONE

The latest build should be changed to Voltz 1.0.11 as per the latest update in the Technic launcher.

Under the "Atomic Science" Heading the fulmination generator should be added.

Can we change the main page ICBM Navigation to:

ICBM Explosives: Tier One Tier Two Tier Three Tier Four

Machines: Missile Launcher Radar Station EMP Tower Proximity Detector Railgun Cruise Launcher

Electric Items: Explosive Defuser Radar Gun Remote Laser Designator Signal Disruptor Tracker Rocket Launcher

Miscellaneous: Glass Pressure Plate Glass Button Antidote Sulfur Poison Powder Railgun Bullet Camouflage

Add a wiki page for Galacticraft

Change latest version to Voltz 1.14 BrightMikal (talk) 06:29, 6 June 2013 (EDT)

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