Fluid Mechanics

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Fluid Mechanics
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Fluid Mechanics is a combination between supporting fluid handling and mechanical energy handling system. Its designed to help other mods move there liquids to using a universal liquid system managed by forge. As a bonus it also comes with suppot to help mods move energy by means of mechanics motion along rods. This mod by itself doesn't offer much more than basic liquid storage, placement, and removel in the world. Its suggest to download other mods that supports the Forge's LiquidDictionary.

Suported Power systems: Universal Electric, plans for IC2

Key Features

  • Liquids Dictionary Support - will support any liquid mod that uses Forge Liquids ( buildcraft, redpower, atomic science, forestry, etc etc)
  • Pipes - Transport liquids using an advanced network system for liquids and pressure
  • Pumps - Drain or pump water into the world with the consturction pump or inf source with the basic pump
  • Tanks - Both block(machine) bases tanks and custom shaped world based tanks in which you can use the a cave or box as a tank.
  • Release Valve - Drain a machine of it liquid if it can't auto pump on its own
  • Mechanical Energy - More of a bonus currently this allow for moving energy threw mechanical rotation. Later version will add amazing features using this.


  • This mod was once part of Steam power but was later split at the request of Calclavia
  • The mod used to be named "Basic Pipes" but was later renamed to Liquid Mechanics then to Fluid Mechanics.
  • The model for the pipe use to use the same model as basicComponent's wires. It was later change after someone submitted an incomplete model with a similar design as the current
  • Steel Plate and Motor in basic Components use to be original part of this mod

Video Demo

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