Coal Generator

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Coal Generator
Coal Generator.png
Coal Generator

Basic Components


Power Generator

Input Voltage


Output Voltage








The coal generator is an electrical generator that creates electricity out of either Coal or Charcoal. A coal generator needs to be heated up before it can produce electricity. The hull heat of the generator must reach 100% before it can start producing a decent amount of electricity. The coal generator's generation speed will increase the longer you leave it burning maxing at 10 kilowatts.

  • If you fail to supply a constant fuel to the coal generator, its heat will deplete and you will have to reheat it all over again.
  • The coal generator does not produce electricity unless it is connecting to another machine that uses it.
  • Wire will only connect to the generator by the black square on the back (this square may look different when using a texture pack)


Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Coal Generator
Steel Ingot Furnace Steel Ingot
Steel Ingot Motor Steel Ingot

Tutorial Videos

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